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Reply To: Welcome Laura Brooks!

Mara Gittes

Hi HEDS Members,

Hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy.  HEDS, HPS (Houston Psychanalytic Society), and HGPS (Houston Group Psychotherapy Society) are collaborating on what will be an amazing presentation by Jean Petrucelli.  She has been doing individual psychotherapy and a therapy group for eating disorder clients for about 20 years. She has presented in various locations for more than 10 years. Jean is interested in presenting for us, and available on March 27, 2021. Here’s what we negotiated in terms of a possible presentation:

1.5-hours    Overview/dynamics of ED
15-min.     Break
1.5-hours    Treatment of ED, focusing on some specific aspect such as attachment, affect regulation, or body-to-body embodiment
1-hour    Lunch break (longer for a face-to-face meeting)
1.5-hours    Live case supervision (a predetermined clinician would provide the client’s background, history of treatment, and process notes for 1-2 sessions)

Aaron Fink is coordinating this collaboration and is looking for HEDS members who would be interested in joining his committee and helping out in putting this event together.  Would you be interested in participating?  Please contact Mara Gittess at mgittess@aol.com if you are interested in being on the committee for this collaboration.