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A food-focused trip to celebrating eating disorder recovery ✨

Welcome to Houston Eating Disorders Specialists Forums Houston Eating Disorders Specialists Forum A food-focused trip to celebrating eating disorder recovery ✨

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    Morgan Sinclair

    Hi everyone 😊 I am beyond excited to announce that registration will soon be opening for an Eating Expedition trip to Northern Italy, specifically for adults who have recovered from an eating disorder!

    Many of y’all have been along for the journey as I created The Eating Expedition and hosted food-focused trips the last few years. This trip is a little different as I’ve teamed up with two amazing clinicians (a therapist and dietitian!) who live and practice in NYC to host The Eating Expedition’s first ever recovery-focused trip in Fall 2025!

    Each potential traveler will go through an application process, which includes getting two of their treatment members to sign off that this would be a supportive and therapeutic trip for them.

    You can view more information about the trip and encourage any potential clients to join the waitlist here:

    PS: You may see some familiar faces in the marketing as I had a few Houstonian providers join the 2022 trip 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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