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    Jill Sechi

    Hi all:
    Just letting you know that we have opened another Eating Disorders Support group on Wednesday from 7-8 pm at our North Post Oak Location. This group is for those that are mid to late 20s or older (ie not adolescent/young adult). $15 per session. Requirements: all participants must be seeing a dietitian and therapist to attend the group.

    For clients struggling with BED and need more meal support to enhance outpatient treatments, we are currently running meal support at lunch and dinner at our new office in Katy. Cost is $10/session. Meal process group run by a LPC or RD after (optional). We will be happy to coordinate with providers on meal challenges and specific information about their meals and goals.

    Any interested clients can call: 713-997-9613 (Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy) or Meredith Cook, LPC: 713-301-5750.

    Jill Sechi, RD, CEDRD

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