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Process Groups, Meal Support and Support Groups

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    Jill Sechi

    Dear HEDS:
    Meredith Cook, LPC, CEDS and Jill Sechi, RDN, CEDRD established A Collaborative Approach, LLC: a multi-disciplinary out-patient facility. We will continue to run our current businesses: Cook Counseling and Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy and work with other providers outside of A Collaborative Approach.

    The following programs and groups are now being offered. We hope you might find some of them helpful as an adjunct to the current treatment they are receiving:

    411 Park Grove Ln #720
    Katy, TX 77450 (just off of 110 and Mason Rd)

    Binge Eating Disorder
    *Meal Support–$10/meal– Monday through Thursday 12-1p (clients bring their own meals)
    *Meal Process Group (30 min)–$10/group (optional after meals but encouraged)–Monday through Thursday 1-1:30p led by either a RDN or LPC or LPC-intern
    *Binge Eating Disorder Process Group–$50/session– offered Thursdays 4:30-5:30p co-led by Meredith Cook,LPC, CEDS and Jill Sechi, RDN, CEDRD beginning August 4th

    Adolescents struggling with EDs
    Adolescent Process Group $30/session–Wednesday 4-5pm co-led by Haley Dunn, LPC intern (supervised by Meredith Cook, LPC-S) and Kylie Mitchel, MPH, RD beginning July 13th

    701 N Post Oak Rd Suite B-7

    *30+ Eating Disorders Support group–$15/group–led by Kylie Mitchel, RDN

    Please call 713-997-9613 or email info@jsechinutritiontherapy.com
    call 713-301-5750
    for further information

    In Health,

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