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Virtual Yoga Prescriptions


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    Courtney Dunn


    As an LPC and Yoga Therapist I wanted to let HEDS members aware of a specialized service I can offer clients. I provide individualized yoga prescriptions (20-30 minute set of breathing, gentle postures, and meditation) for clients. Considering the time we are going through, yoga is great for the immune system and calming anxiety. This could be a much safer and healthier option for clients with ED’s than turning to online “workout” classes that the media is bombarding society with at the moment. I am offering sessions through ZOOM. Feel free to share my email serenityyogatherapy.courtney@gmail.com

    to any interested clients, or contact me if you have any questions. You may all also check out my website serenityyogatherapy.com for more information. I am also offering reduced pricing at the time.

    Stay well?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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