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Looking for an Eating Disorders Specialist?

Houston Eating Disorders Specialists (HEDS) is pleased to provide a directory of local practitioners that specialize in eating disorders.

Disclaimer: Houston Eating Disorders Specialists do not endorse or recommend the professionals on its site. You are responsible for selecting the professional(s) you want for your treatment. Houston Eating Disorders Specialists are not responsible for the services, or lack thereof, of any of the providers listed. Check with your state regulators to verify the currency of license/certification indicated. 

Referral and resource content and information contained on this website is provided by the professional who has affirmed their statements are true and do not include false, fraudulent, misleading or deceptive statements.The professional may provide links to their email and/or website. Houston Eating Disorders Specialists provides these links for user convenience only and does not endorse, approve, certify or make warranties or representations as to the accuracy of these sites.