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Adolescent Psychotherapy Group


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    Adolescent Psychotherapy Group (age 14-18)

    Our adolescent group is a unique blend of skill-building and peer processing designed specifically for teens. We foster a safe space where adolescents can learn essential life skills, share experiences, and support one another on their journey of self-discovery.

    Program Highlights:

    Skill Building Sessions: From problem-solving and conflict resolution to stress management and self-awareness, we guide our members through a variety of topics that prepare them for life’s challenges. This group leans heavily on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) skills.

    Peer Processing: Adolescents often find solace in shared experiences. Our sessions ensure that while individuals grow in their personal capacities, they also bond with their peers, creating a network of trust and understanding.

    Experiential Activities: Through creative exercises, role plays, and guided therapeutic discussions, teens have the opportunity to hone their skills and deepen their understanding in a supportive setting.

    Time and Location: Saturdays 9:30-10:30am at 19 Briar Hollow Ln., Suite 120 starting September 30, 2023

    This group requires a minimum six-week commitment.

    To learn more or to reserve your spot in our upcoming sessions, please contact Jennifer Lancaster, LCSW at jlancasterlcsw@gmail.com or 571-267-8364.

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