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    Dear HEDS Members,

    In case you’ve not heard, I thought you (or your clients) might be interested in this free film Screening of “America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth,” which premieres in Houston October 22, 2014. Use the link at the bottom to register.

    In “America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth” filmmaker Darryl Roberts reveals the dark side of how companies make billions each year by using sex and young people in marketing and content. Covering everything from the toddler pageant culture to how easily children can access ultra-violent porn, Roberts never shies away from the chilling reality that “sex sells” even to children. Using interviews and following stories woven through a personal narrative, Roberts bridges these taboo subjects by being himself: curious, concerned and approachable.

    Carolyn Costin, founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Monte Nido Eating Disorder Treatment Centers has supported and collaborated with Darryl Roberts on all three documentaries:

    “In all of Darryl Roberts’ America The Beautiful (ATB) films, he explores how our culture objectifies females and undermines their self esteem. This cycle leads to a myriad of psychological and social consequences. The first film focused on our obsession with beauty, the second our obsession with weight and now the third on our obsession with sex.

    My life’s work has focused on how we change the conversation about out bodies, to help people feel empowered and not victimized by a culture that promotes body shaming. The “America the Beautiful” series is a vehicle to show the world that it is time we wake up, speak out and begin to make changes in the things we have come to accept as unchangeable. There are things we can do and the young female heroine in ATB 3 is evidence that we can turn adversity into activism,” said Costin.

    In “America the Beautiful 3” Roberts exposes the images and messages that desensitize our children to sex, and the ultimate price our society pays through unlimited and uncensored access by increasingly younger audiences.

    Roberts debunks media myths and covers topics including:
    · The toddler pageant circuit
    · Mixed messages to teens of safe sex v. abstinence
    · Teenagers and what they will do to become famous models or actors
    · One teenager’s anti-bullying campaign aimed at Abercrombie & Fitch, and the surprising outcome of her efforts
    · How body image is shaped by the media
    · How the Internet has made access to pornography affordable, accessible and anonymous and how addiction to porn is changing expectations of sex for young men
    · Rape on college campuses: how universities have been ignoring the epidemic, and that 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted, yet little is done about it.

    The documentary premieres in cities across the country and includes a local and national outreach campaign in collaboration with public advocacy groups, universities and health organizations. The outreach campaign is sponsored by Monte Nido Eating Disorder Treatment Centers and produced by Darryl Roberts.

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    To Register:

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