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April-May Houston Support Group Updates

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    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to re-post this Houston Support Group link where I have added a few eating disorder related support groups active in the Houston area.

    Houston Support Groups – Google Docs

    As a refresher, my goal with this document is to help providers and patients find support groups by putting them all in one updated place. I update this document every 3-4 weeks (and at times as things come in). I recommend bookmarking this document if you believe you may find it useful to refer back to.

    Also, these support groups do not need to necessarily be directly body image or eating disorder groups, but can be additional/relevant supports such as DBT groups, teen groups, ect with a weight neutral/weight inclusive/HAES educated provider.

    I will check back in in June to re-update for Summer groups.

    Please feel free to email me for any support group additions or document corrections at jberistainherrera@montenidoaffiliates.com





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