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Caregiver Support Group

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    Jill Sechi

    Dear HEDS:

    A Collaborative Approach is offering a Caregiver Support Group on Saturday October 7 from 3-4:15pm.

    This group is open to parents, spouses or other family members needing support and encouragement as they support their loved ones with an eating disorder. 

    The group will be facilitated by Meredith (Cook) Riddick, LPC, CEDS & Jill Sechi, RD, CEDRD. We hope to have the group move to a virtual platform after the first in person group for convenience.

    When: Saturday October 7th 3-4:14

    Where: 411 Park Grove Rd Suite 720 in “A Collaborative Approach” (25 min from 110/610 area and right off 110 and Mason Rd)

    Cost: $50/individual $75/couple or 2 family members (and $35 for each additional family member)

    Contact: Meredith (Cook) Riddick 281-869-6160 or [email protected]

    We hear so often this is needed in our community. Please pass on to any family members you feel would benefit. An educational video will be provided to family members in addition to the support group offered.

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