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Eating Disorders Specialists in Boston

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    Michelle Crow Fee

    Good afternoon,
    I have a client who will be moving to Boston this summer for an internship. She will be in the Brookline area but will have easy access to a train and is willing to travel to Boston. Does anyone have any referrals for dietitians and therapists for this area?

    Thank you!

    Michelle Fee, RD LD
    281-866-8746 x1
    [email protected]


    Cambridge Eating d/o center is in Cambridge, MA and I know they have outpatient therapists and nutritionists 617-547-2255

    Colleen Stephens

    In Brookline – Emily Gordon, PsyD 617-278-9990
    Deb Schachter, LICSW 617-232-0108

    Cambridge – Amber Barke, LICSW 617-945-2404
    Marci Anderson, CEDRD 617-945-2404

    Hope that helps!!

    Michelle Crow Fee

    Thank you so much for the recommendations! I greatly appreciate all the referrals.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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