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"Hodge Podge" ED Support Group

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    Jean Dixon

    Hi to all of you.  Just a reminder that Caryn Honig and I will be starting a new support group Nov. 7th.  I have attached the flyer.  If anyone has a referral please contact Caryn at Carynhonig@gmail.com or I Jean@jeandixonlpc.com or jwildflowr@msn.com for more info.

    Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating



    WHAT IT IS:  A monthly-topic group focusing on eating disorder/disordered eating recovery.

    WHY IS IT CALLED “HODGE-PODGE”:  Because all different topics will be covered.  And, Jean and Caryn tend to have eclectic styles of treatment (DBT, CBT, non-traditional, etc.).  You won’t be bored!

    WHEN:  Every Tuesday from 5:30-6:45 p.m.

    WHERE:  The Spectrum Center (inside the Preserve)

    2060 N Loop W #205, Houston, TX 77018

    WHO CAN COME:  Adults 18 and older who are active in recovery.  Maximum 10 people per group.

    COST:  $100 per month.

    You must commit to the entire month….for the sake of continuity.  Exception:  You can come the first Tuesday of every month to “try it out.”  The cost for the first Tuesday is $30.00.

    *  Caryn and Jean will sometimes co-lead the group and sometimes will lead separately.

    NOVEMBER:  You Can’t Pick Your Family!

    November 7:  Family Roles

    November 14:  Food and Family:  Family and Food

    November 21:  Families in Recovery

    November 28:  Holiday Meals

    Contact Caryn or Jean for screening and to sign up.

    Caryn:  carynhonig@gmail.com        Jean:  jean@jeandixoncounseling.com

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