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Human Design Tool

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    Courtney Dunn

    Hello! Serenity Yoga Therapy now has a new tool to offer clients with eating disorders in addition to yoga prescriptions.
    I am now offering Human Design as a tool for clients to begin accepting and loving themselves for how they are. If you have not heard of this tool, it is a science of differentiation, emphasizing what is right with a person and their unique gifts, versus focusing on what is wrong with a client and needs to be “fixed”.  Human Design is a body centered intelligence and gives clients a body graph as a guide to making decisions and living their healthiest, fullest lives. We all know how important self acceptance is for ED recovery!
    For inquiries please email me




    Courtney Dunn LPC, CYT-500 hrs., Human Design Reader

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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