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Job Resources for a Social Worker

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    Rebecca Compton

    Dear HEDS members,

    I have a social worker colleague from New York who moved to Houston recently and is looking for work. She plans to join HEDS and in the meantime she needs some assistance with leads on jobs. It doesn’t have to be with eating disorders. I anyone knows of any openings, please contact me at rcompton4@comcast.net.

    Additionally, who is the head of the Eating Disorders Program at Texas Children’s now? I know Carmen Michail has been long gone but I don’t know her replacement. Also, does anyone have any contacts at the following institutions:

    UT Health Sciences, Memorial Herman, or the VA ?

    Thanks for your help!

    Rebecca Compton, MEd, LPC, CGP
    Licensed Professional Counselor

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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