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Monte Nido Open House 11/30

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    Hi everyone!

    I don’t believe I have formally introduced myself here yet, but I am the Houston Regional Outreach Manager with Monte Nido & Affiliates. I’ve had the fantastic opportunity of working alongside a few of you as an RD over the last few years and am excited to continue with you all in this new capacity! I’m here to answer any questions you may have about our program, schedule tours, support clients throughout admissions, and connect you with our team. And please, feel free to share my contact information with patients and families if you feel it would be helpful.

    General Monte Nido Updates:

    We recently opened our adult residential program in the Woodlands earlier this year. I work closely with the team there and they’re doing some truly amazing work. If you’re familiar with our residential Clementine program, you’ll find many similarities in our Monte Nido adult program, with a few adjustments tailored to suit our adult population.

    We’re also excited to announce the opening of our first PHP/IOP program in Houston next month! It is located in Memorial City. We are doing an open house from 4-7 pm on Thursday 11/30 where you can see the site, visit with colleagues, and meet our teams. We would love to see you there!


    Additionally, I’m happy to do individual tours on other days if you’re unable to make this date.

    For anyone interested in connecting with me in general or wanting to learn more about our programs, I would LOVE to meet up! Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    Warmly, Jess

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