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Mother's Self Renewal Group Space Available

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    Rachel Eddins

    Mother’s Self-renewal group meets Mondays bi-weekly. This group supports mothers in connecting with who YOU are and creating self-renewal from the inside out. Topics include:

    The Transformative Power of Self-care (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional)
    Reconnecting with Who You Are, Nurturing Your Essence
    Healthy Boundaries & Balancing Multiple Roles
    Good is Good Enough
    Self-love and Owning Your Personal Power
    Unleashing Your Creativity and Reclaiming Adventure in Our Lives
    Creating Your Personal Support System
    Life Balance: Insights and Strategies for Balanced Living
    Managing Our Energy, Saying “No” and Asking for Help
    Developing Your Parenting Style

    For more information call 832-209-2222 or email admin@eddinscounseling.com.

    Motherhood & Postpartum Support Group

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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