Non-Diet Approach Workshop in Houston, TX

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    Morgan Sinclair

    Hello all,

    On September 3 and 4, Center for Discovery is hosting a two-day workshop put on by non-diet dietitians, Fiona Sutherland and Haley Goodrich. Please find more information about their “Non Diet Approach: Principles, Practice, Purpose” workshop in Houston, Texas below. For more information and to register for the workshop, click here.

    Non Diet Approach: Principles, Practice, Purpose
    A live workshop for dietitians, therapists, and students to build skills, develop clarity and find deeper meaning in the work they bring to the world.

    This 2-day workshop, presented by Fiona Sutherland (The Mindful Dietitian, Australia) & Haley Goodrich (INSPIRD Nutrition, USA) will bring together the principles of the Non Diet Approach along with digging into the nuance & challenges which come along with working within this framework.

    Day 1 will cover Non Diet Approach from principles to practice, clarifying how Intuitive Eating principles (Tribole, Resch) fit neatly together with this model of client-centered care. We will explore the history of these approaches, then dive into each component in turn then pull it all together in a clear, cohesive, practical way. We will be presenting in a variety of learning styles – didactic, insight-oriented & discussions.

    Day 2 will start with learning how to use consistent language throughout your brand and social media to connect with your audience and build their trust. We will then practice communicating the non-diet approach to other professionals, so that you can effectively share the work you do and advocate on behalf of your clients. We will identify and unpack common clinician blocks and stuck points, and learn how to clearly respond to interview style questions and in media opportunities. Together we will apply these skills in thoughtfully responding to clients and weight-centric referring providers to promote collaborative care.

    If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact Morgan Sinclair at [email protected].

    Morgan Sinclair, MS, RD, LD
    Clinical Outreach Representative
    Center for Discovery Houston
    Mobile: (713) 560 – 4588

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