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NOW is your chance to join the HEDS Board!

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    Hi members,

    I wanted to follow up regarding the HEDS Board openings we posted a few days ago. Just less than a week to get your name in so be sure to apply while you can! This opportunity only comes up once every year or two, so I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

    The remaining positions are (although you can still apply to all available chairs from the other day!):

    Conference Chairs (1 of 3 positions available)
    Membership Chairs (1 of 2 positions available)
    Social Media and Marketing (1 of 2 positions available)

    *chair descriptions can be found below.

    If you are interested in any of these roles, please email information@houstoneds.org to apply, or with any additional questions. Deadline will be Monday, April 1st in effort to give time for possible voting before our next Member Meeting, April 9th.


    We look forward to having some fresh faces joining the board!

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions,

    Emily Hahn

    HEDS President


    Descriptions of each chair can be found below:

    Conference Chair (2 of 3 positions available)

    Conference Chairs are responsible for planning a yearly conference. This alternates between Community Conference and Professional Conference.

    Responsibilities include:

    Finding and booking a conference venue.
    Marketing the conference, such as managing social media, sending out emails to HEDS members and other organizations that could benefit from the conference, developing marketing materials (both digital and print).
    Collaborating with sponsors, developing sponsorship tiers and what is included at each level, organizing booth placement, sending W9s.
    Putting together and distributing blind proposals and select speakers in conjunction with the HEDS board.
    Manage conference spending, submitting budget proposal to be approved by HEDS board, and staying on track with budget.
    Organizing airfare, hotel, and travels for out of town speakers.
    Communicating with speakers, attendees, and volunteers.
    Maintaining and updating the HEDS conference website.
    Creating various volunteer committees to support conference planning.
    Brainstorming conference ideas with HEDS Board.
    Putting together badges for conference attendees.
    Screening presentations to clarify alignment with HEDS values.
    Selecting conference date and day of schedule.
    Determining if in-person vs virtual conference is most appropriate.
    Collaborate with education chair on CEU approval and distribution.
    Defer presenters that were not chosen to speak at the conference to education chair for other speaking opportunities.
    Term Length: 3 years (This is a new adjustment. We are moving from 2 to 3 Conference Chairs. Moving forward, each year a senior Conference Chair will roll off and a new one will come on.)


    Education Chair

    Education chair is responsible for the scheduling of speakers for bi-monthly membership meetings (Second Tuesday of each month) and planning the Holiday Party.

    Responsibilities include:

    Find speakers either through program relations managers contacting HEDS, or chairperson reaching out to membership for interested members to submit proposals.
    Communicate with speakers prior to meeting to confirm speaker bio, presentation title and objectives, and location of restaurant they chose to host meeting at.
    If it’s a HEDS sponsored member speaker, schedule venue and order lunch to be delivered to venue.
    Create “save the date” email with registration link to membership with speaker information, create registration link and post to listserv. Ask HEDS social media chairs to post on social media.
    As people register, track registrations for headcount for ordering food.
    Send reminder email 1 week prior and possibly day before.
    Create sign in sheets to be distributed and collected at meetings for CEU’s
    After meetings, create survey and email to registrants who attended for CEUs
    After return deadline for surveys, create a certificate and email to those who completed survey.
    Maintain a spreadsheet of survey respondents, sign in sheets (or registration spreadsheet) and copy of certificate for each meeting for 2 years.
    Term Length: 2 years



    Technology chair is responsible for handling all things technology! This includes everything from setting up virtual membership meetings to working with powerpoint set up at conferences. It also now includes working with our web developer to manage the website and any adjustments needed. This person should be tech-savvy (or willing to learn!), up to date on IT/website options, and a good communicator.

    Responsibilities include:

    Communicate with the HEDS web developer to make sure our website is up to date, functioning properly, and has a solid user experience.
    Support presenters with setting up powerpoints at in person meetings
    Communicate with social media and marketing chairs on keeping content on the website fresh
    Troubleshoot with web developer any reported website issues from members
    Term Length: 2 years


    The organization’s appointed board member who advises on parliamentary procedure as established by the organization through bylaws, policies, and procedures. The parliamentarian may assist in drafting and revising those bylaws, policies, and procedures.

    Responsibilities include:

    Maintain a copy of the organization bylaws, policies, and procedures.
    Draft and revise bylaws, policies, and procedures in keeping with board decisions. (We plan to update these this term, which will also include forming/leading a committee since it’s such a large undertaking)
    Ensure rules of order are followed in meetings and in voting practices.
    Term Length: 2 years


    Membership Chairs (1 of 2 positions available)

    Membership chairs are responsible for monitoring membership, aid in onboarding new members, and brainstorm ways to improve the member experience. This is a co-chair position so these people must be good at teamwork, communication, and see the bigger picture when it comes to streamlining the user experience.

    Responsibilities include:

    Promoting and monitoring memberships in HEDS.
    Keeping the HEDS website listings and listserv current.
    Managing the yearly Membership Renewal Drive.
    Provides a report to the President before the monthly meeting.
    Presents the report at the meetings. The report includes number of new members since last meeting and total number of members.
    Responsible for welcoming/introducing new members by sending a listserv email and introducing them at membership meetings.
    Term Length: 2 years


    Social Media and Marketing (1 of 2 positions available)

    Social media chairs are responsible for marketing and promoting HEDS events online. This is a co-chair position. These people should be creative, collaborative, and familiar/comfortable with social media apps.

    Responsibilities include:

    Post on social media apps, such a instagram, facebook and linkedin for HEDS events such as member meetings and conferences
    Use Canva to create appealing graphics with a clear message
    Take photos/videos at events like the member meetings and conference to be used in marketing or on the website
    Brainstorm ways to market HEDS events in the community
    Term Length: 2 years


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Chair

    This chair is a recent addition to the board. HEDS values diversity and wants to prioritize inclusivity moving forward. This person should be passionate about social justice issues, value diversity,  and be willing to brainstorm the ways in which this chair can impact the community in a positive way.

    Responsibilities include:

    Lead DEI Committee meetings
    Present and brainstorm ways we can better serve and reach minority populations
    Creating positive action interventions to support under‐represented groups
    Term Length: 2 years


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