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Parent Seminar & Support Group

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    Jill Sechi


    Our next parent seminar and support group will be January 28th, Saturday run by Meredith Cook, LPC, CEDS and Nikki Estep, RDN, CDE

    —>The parent seminar is 2:30-4 *recommended for first time attendees or parents not familiar with treatment of EDs (topics include medical complications of ED, phases of ED recovery, Role of the family in ED recovery, Levels of care, role of the treatment team and navigating treatment resources)
    $75/parent $100/couple

    —>Parent support group is 4-5:30 pm
    $50/parent $75 per couple

    Seminar + Support group
    $100 per person $150/couple

    If you would like a flyer please email

    Register by calling
    713-997-9613 x 1

    Jill Sechi, RDN, CEDRD

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