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PCOS Support Groups

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    Abbie Womack

    I am starting virtual PCOS support groups, open to the general public, with the following two tracks:

    1. Open group: Third Thursday of every month from 5-6pm, free, open to anyone

    2. 8 week group: Starting April 22nd, Thursdays 5-6pm (except for open group weeks), cost is $30 per group (I take BCBS insurance and it usually covers the cost), group is closed after the first week.

    We will be discussing topics such as weight stigma, common PCOS symptoms, helpful supplements, and nutrition solutions other than “just lose weight” and “cut out carbs.”

    Feel free to pass this information on to any clients who suffer from PCOS; they can email me at abbie@mindfuleatsnutrition.com to register. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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