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Please give us feedback on group therapy training!

Welcome to Houston Eating Disorders Specialists Forums Houston Eating Disorders Specialists Forum Please give us feedback on group therapy training!

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    Jana Rosenbaum

    Hello Colleagues,

    HEDS is working with Houston Group Psychotherapy Society to provide a training experience for non-mental health clinicians (and possibly mental health clinicians) who lead groups. Any feedback you are willing to give will help us design a more effective program. Please consider completing this short survey and returning it to me at:


    1) Are you, or have you been, involved in leading groups? If not, are you interested in leading groups?
    2) Are you interested in participating in training to lead groups?
    3) What sort of information about leading groups would be most helpful to you? If you have led groups, what sort of issues or concerns have you had?
    4) What length of training would be most beneficial and what would you be able to attend (ex. full day training, half-day training, two hours, a multiple day training over the course of time)?
    5) Would you be willing and able to pay a fee for training, and if so how much per hour sounds reasonable to you?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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