Process Group: “Too Much on My Plate”

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    Jill Sechi

    Hello all!

    Meredith Riddick, LPC-CEDS-S and Jill Sechi RDN, CEDRD-S are excited to announce the beginning of their next group “Too Much on My Plate” which will be for 6 weeks. Dually led by a dietitian and therapist.

    The group is specifically for young adults ages 18-25 struggling with an eating disorder:

    This group is part psychoeducational pulling from a variety of helpful and educational information about eating disorder recovery as well as process oriented where life experiences, successes and struggles in the recovery process, advanced recovery concepts such as working on assertiveness, mindfulness, boundaries, etc and shared experiences within the group will be explored.

    If you are someone in these ages who may be on the fence with recovery where you want to have a healthier relationship with food and body but you’ve got too much going on in your life to really prioritize treatment, then this is the group for you.

    Cost: $350 and is due in full prior to the first group

    Start Date: Thursday April 1st at 4pm CT/5pm ET.

    Platform: Zoom

    This group is 60 minutes and open to all clients who are physically located in Texas, Arizona or Virginia.

    Please email us at [email protected]  if interested or for additional information.

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