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Seeking Volunteer Speaker(s)

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    Laura Wiginton

    The Women’s Empowerment Program – Refugee Services (Interfaith Ministries) reached out to HEDS to request a volunteer speaker on the topics of “binge eating / emotional eating and body image.” Perhaps a Therapist and RD could pair up to volunteer for this?

    I am compiling an interest list on behalf of the HEDS Board to forward on to the requesting organization. If you are interested, please email me at:



    Laura Wiginton, LCSW

    Here is the description and info:

    The Women’s Empowerment Group (WEG) Program is running a series of 12 Wellness Workshops for Arabic speaking refugee women. The sessions are being developed partly as a response to the rise in domestic violence since the COVID-19 pandemic. Workshops encourage a sense of self-worth and boost self-esteem aiming to increase mental resilience. Sessions are divided into 3 wellness areas: Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

    We are looking for a speaker to present our session on Banishing Body Talk and Feeling Good About Our Bodies. The session will be held via Zoom on 9/10 at 11:30a.m. Many thanks for the work you do!”


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