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Sensory Processing: Using the Brain to Heal Itself”

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    Kathy Gray

    Learn to help clients manage their anxiety, intrusive thought, and other disruptive emotions that interfere in the healing process.

    Learn how strategies, tools and techniques for sensory regulation/processing help to maintain the “wind of tolerance” throughout the life changing journey.

    Discover how connecting the mind and body decreases the anxiety around social connection and the attachment process.

    Experience the techniques and tools first hand, the body and mind connection through experiential exercises/case studies.

    Discover how trauma interferes with the sensory processing, , safety, and the ability to connect with ‘self’ and others.

    Learn to change brain chemistry and open new neural pathways the will enhance coping, and communication skills.

    Kathy Gray

    Center for Discovery
    17515 Swansbury Drive
    Houston 77429
    14 CEUs 2-day Training
    Early Bird- Until Feb 1 $400.
    Regular Registration $450.

    Call, Text, or email now to hold spot: Limited space

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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