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Supported Meals and Snacks/Additional Groups

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    Jill Sechi

    Dear HEDS Community!

    Wellness Coaching & Nutrition therapy is continuing to expand services (at low cost/financial feasible options!)

    Meals: $10 per supported meal (1 hours session virtual)

    Snacks: $50 per supported snack (20 min session virtual)

    We have our breakfast and lunch supported meals that are still running. We do plan to expand this to additional days and times.

    These are perfect for setting challenges with your clients (social eating, exposure to challenge foods, and providing more support at meals). We are now offering SNACK supported times as well! To register: https://www.jsechinutritiontherapy.com/meal-therapy-and-support

    Finally we have several groups that are underway or currently running and accepting more individuals. Please visit our website to learn more or send to potential clients to enroll: https://www.jsechinutritiontherapy.com/groups-page

    1- AN/BN SUPPORT group on Fridays at 5 pm for 1 hour (BCBS insurance can be used) otherwise $25

    2- Faith Based SUPPORT group on Wednesdays every other week from 10-11 (BCBS insurance can be used) otherwise $30

    3- Crossroads group for those with over eating, chronic dieting, more stable recovery with BED group on Fridays from 12-1 (BCBS insurance can be used) otherwise $25

    4- FUSE which will be encouraging joyful movement for those that are resistant to movement- we will meet at Memorial Park in the mornings. Currently enrolling.

    5- TEEN AN/BN group from 14 (or mature 13 year olds)-18 (senior in HS) which will begin on Fridays from 4-5 September 9th IN PERSON only. 6 weeks curriculum.

    Visit our website for further info. Our recovery coach can collaborate with meal goals, meal plans, etc from any referring provider as well.

    Thank you!


    Jill Sechi


    Meal support is $10 and $5 per snack which is more aligned with financially feasible. We currently have 2 meals and 2 snack options per week and hope to expand availability in the near future based on need.

    Sorry for the confusion there.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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