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Therapist/Dietitian Needed in Boulder, CO

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    Caryn Honig

    Dear HEDS members,

    I am looking for a therapist and dietitian in Boulder, CO,  for an 11 year-old girl who has episodes of binge eating as well as body image issues.  She was teased about her stomach this past school year which triggered her to start “dieting,” which ultimately led to binge eating episodes.  She is a very smart, sensitive, empathetic young girl who asked her parents for help.  We’ve worked together this summer, however, she lives in Boulder, Colorado during the school year so I’d like to give her referrals out there.

    Please email me at carynhonig@gmail.com or call me at 713-501-1347 if you have recommendations.

    Thank you,

    Caryn Honig MEd RD LD

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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