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Therapist referrals needed

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    Christina Kontos

    I’ve got a few clients going off to college this month and would like to refer them to therapists close to their schools. Please let know of recommendations in:

    Austin (UT)
    San Marcos (Texas State)
    Fort Worth (TCU)
    Lancaster PA (Franklin and Marshall)

    Thank you!
    Christina Kontos LCSW

    Sharon Watts

    In my Renfrew database for San Marcos I have about 15 names that are all at the University’s student counseling center. I don’t know anyone of these clinicians. But she could start there, maybe ?
    Also, there are several other clinicians listed in the database with Cedar Creek Associates in San Marcos. Again, I don’t know any of them but it might be another good place to try.
    If I found anything else, I’ll send them on to you.
    Sharon Watts

    Laura Laine

    I also need dietitians in San Marcus, Fort Worth, and Dallas areas.


    Laura Laine

    Barbi Tobek

    Barbi Topek here. I’m a clinician with Weinberger, Black and Associates. One of the services I provide in the practice is Continuation of Care for Young Adults leaving for college or moving out of town. I help identify a right match for clients with local providers, and depending on the issues, other services he/she may require (ie., coaching, 12 step programs, DBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist).

    Please give me a call to discuss if I can be of service to you and your clients in vetting the local Therapists with the issues and goals of your clients. Currently, the best and quickest way to reach me is on my cell phone, (713) 416-0660. If I’m unavailable, please leave me a time when you will be free to talk.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Barbi Topek, LCSW
    Weinberger, Black and Associates

    Sharon McLendon

    I highly recommend Austin therapist Morgan Osamani, LPC, 513 843 2788. She works a lot with teens and college age students. Sharon

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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