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Treatment team for pediatric feeding disorder

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    Vanessa Bayer

    Hello, I received a message from someone looking to find a provider who could work with her 4-year-old son with autism who needs pediatric feeding therapy. Does anyone know someone who specializes in this type of treatment? She prefers someone who could go to his school or home for sessions.

    Michelle Crow Fee

    Speech and occupational therapists are the typical providers for feeding therapy, but they do not all provide it.  The providers I know personally and recommend are below.

    In town, KidsConnect Occupational Therapy, LLC (with Michelle Reed) can provide feeding therapy.  http://www.kidsconnectot.com

    In The Woodlands, Kaylee Goodrich with Aspire Pediatric Therapy can also provide this service.  281-681-3020

    I am not sure if they can provide home or school sessions.

    Please feel free to give the individual my name and number for further resources: Michelle Fee – 713-622-6422

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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