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Treatment team in Richmond

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    Jana Rosenbaum

    Hello Colleauges, I’m looking for a therapist, nutritionist and psychiatrist for an adult female in recovery who has just relocated from San Antonio to Richmond. Thanks!

    Laura Laine

    Hi Jana:

    Is is Richmond, Texas?  If so, I am located in Sugar Land and would be available to work with this client’s nutritional needs.


    Laura Laine

    Heather Murphy

    Hi Jana,

    Whitney Harken LCSW with Attachment and Trauma Center of  Houston and Rachel Bailey LPC Intern with Barnhill and Associates both have offices in Sugarland.


    Rachel Bailey

    Hi! Barnhill Counseling Center is located in Sugar Land, Tx. Heather Woods, LCSW offer eating disorder treatment at that location (www.barnhillcounseling.com/eatingdisorders)! I also see a few clients at that location myself, and can offer eating disorder therapy at reduced rates. Feel free to reach out! Rachelbaileycounseling@gmail.com

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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